Bride’s Bodies ~ Testimonials

brides body by beach body

“Loved all of the positive energy and encouragement from Kelly!” -Megan from San Antonio, TX

Here are some of my before and after photos from just 21 DAYS with a program I highly recommend!!

21 DAYS!

brides body by beach body

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“Whoa! At first I was skeptic but curious of the concept of working with Kelly as my coach. I have never loved going to the gym-where I felt crazy judged and like a total outsider. That changed the first time I spoke with Kelly! She is super welcoming and so warm and found the perfect plan for me to do at home. I felt immediately connected and inspired! This is WAY more fun than a gym :) And I cannot recommend her enough!!!!” -Mallory from Dallas, TX

“Kelly is the person to go to for direction in your workouts, to feel great and look fabulous in your dream dress on your wedding day! Kelly is a wonderful Coach who really focuses on what works for YOU through the workouts she recommends to maximize your results. Being a part of her coaching program allows you to meet other brides to share and look to for guidance when planning your wedding day! Kelly will change your life and have you looking and feeling on top of the world on your special day!” -Lauren from Austin, TX

“Coach Kelly really helped me get in as much shape as I could prior to my wedding. Thanks Kelly!” -Katy from Austin, TX

“THANK THE LORD FOR KELLY AND BEACH BODY!!! When I got engaged I had a ton of things running through my mind. It wasn’t until I started dress shopping did I realize it was time to get in shape and be the bride I wanted my future husband to see on my big day. I had a friend tell me about coach Kelly so I met with her for a one on one intro to see what the program entailed. SHE WAS GREAT! Not only does she have an abundance of energy, she also got me so motivated and made sure my goals were realistic and achievable. I really appreciated the time she spent with me and all the encouragement. Completing the first workout I realized the brides in the private Facebook group had the same goals as me. It was such a positive atmosphere and I even received great wedding tips for my own wedding by talking to the other brides! Definitely glad I was able to find a group of girls in the bridal community who understand everything I was going through.” -Nicole from Austin, TX

“After signing up with Kelly as my coach I was able to set her suggestions and motivation into action in my everyday life. I am happy to say that my life has never been better! She has changed me for the better, my future is so much brighter and I am forever grateful for that.” - Abbe from New Jersey

“Coach Kelly is very dedicated to her brides, truly cares about positive results and success of all  the women who participate in the programs she recommends!” - Kimberly from Texas

“The cost was well worth it. I am still enjoying the friendships I made during our getting ready for the wedding workouts!” - Carol from Dallas, TX

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