If your wedding date is set and you’re FINALLY ready to tone up for your wedding dress, I can help.

I’m Kelly and it’s my passion to help brides lose weight for their wedding day.

Bride's Body Austin found Kelly KitchensAfter trying every kind of exercise program imaginable over the last 14 years, I decided to focus my attention on helping brides get in shape for their wedding day without having to waste time figuring out what works and what doesn’t.  <- – -  This is me helping you avoid the same mistakes I did! You’re welcome :P





By following my lead and making me your coach, I will point you in the right direction to get you in the best shape of your LIFE. (No, I’m not kidding or being cheesy). I know EXACTLY what programs work to get you tight, toned, and beautiful for your wedding day!

Here are some of my before and after photos from just 21 DAYS with a program I highly recommend!!

21 DAYS!

brides body by beach body

If you’re ready to do this, and want to shrink your body and look perfect on your wedding day, click here to get started. I only accept 5 new brides a week so click here to sign up now: click here.

MY GOAL :::: to make sure you LOVE what you see in the mirror, and to look at yourself the way your fiance already does!