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You’re doing everything you can…and still not seeing wedding results

By Bride's Body on June 25, 2014

It’s hard when you set your mind to do something and your body (or fiance, weather, job) doesn’t cooperate with you.

It’s especially difficult when you’re motivated to lose weight for your wedding day but the weight doesn’t seem to “melt off” like some of those ads say they will.

So what’s the deal? What are you “supposed” to do?

I can relate, I was here too. Two years ago I was planning my wedding and setting goals to be in the best shape of my life. The closer my wedding day got, the more scared I got.

Why wasn’t I getting smaller? Why weren’t the inches falling off? Why the HECK was I looking BIGGER?!

According to me, myself and I, I was doing everything I should be doing.

frustrated wedding planning Bride's Body workout

I was eating clean, going to the gym, breaking a sweat every chance I could, etc. Oh yea, I was spending plenty of time planning my wedding, too.

It wasn’t until I had someone ELSE give me their opinion that my eyes opened a little further and I said…..”OH.”

You mean those gluten free crackers and my super-hard strength training exercises won’t get the job done?

You mean I’ll have to eat this and do that to actually see results?


Would you believe within 2 weeks I was feeling tighter, lighter and leaner? I was actually FEELING smaller when I looked in the mirror and was eating foods that would help me LOSE weight – not gain weight.

I tell this to you because you don’t have TIME to waste trying to get in shape on your own.

You don’t have time to have a major learning curve when your wedding day is getting closer and closer by the second.

With tough love and a hug to spare, I encourage you to find someone to look over your diet and exercise plan.

It could be a trainer at your gym, a nutritionist that you know, or a member of the Bride’s Body Team. Whoever it is, PLEASE, for the love of looking AMAZING in your wedding gown, do this for yourself =)

To learn more about what we can do to help you with a custom nutrition or exercise plan, click here.

We can’t WAIT to see your before and after photos!!

With love and weights,

The Bride’s Body Team